Our Mission

FACT Industries is a precision metals manufacturer. That uses advanced technology with a skilled workforce to manufacture parts and meet the business needs of patrons ahead of schedule and at the lowest cost. In doing so we are striving to achieve a business model that sets us aside from our competitors. We do this by having four things in mind innovation, education, long term growth and sustainability. In an ever-changing world we are striving to provide not only a superior product but excellent service as well.

Keeping innovation, education, long-term growth, and sustainability in mind means that a company is not only focused on short-term gains, but also on building a strong foundation for the future.

By keeping innovation, education, long-term growth, and sustainability in mind, a company can build a strong and resilient business that is well-equipped to succeed over the long term. By prioritizing these values, a company can create a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, attract and retain top talent, and build a loyal customer base that values the company's commitment to responsible and sustainable practices.